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Tyler_Spangler_bonjour_fruite_anniversaire.jpg, oct. 2015 #Portrait #Mask

Tyler_Spangler_bonjour_fruite_anniversaire.jpg, oct. 2015 #Portrait #Mask

Like Food Designers in a Candy Shoppe! - Design Milk

If you think candy is just for kids, then Jami Curl has two words for you: Rosé Lollipops. The owner of small batch candy brand QUIN is about to release her first cookbook and it’s full of real ingred

Instagram – Plongez dans l’univers surréaliste et décalé de Tony Futura (image)

The surrealist art of Tony Futura mocks consumerism and our society

Tony Futura, a digital artist based in Berlin, creates surreal art that seems to poke fun at the materialism and pop-culture focus of modern Western life.

Zweideutige, satirische Photoshop-Montagen in Pastelfarben - Tony Futura.

Tony Futura

Berlin based digital graphic artist Tony Futura serves us a Taste of Pop-Culture with a Twist