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an ice cream sundae in a plastic cup with a straw sticking out of it
Fun with frozen: making ice grow
Watch water turn to ice before your eyes! So cool! Such a fun science experiment
an open cardboard box with blue and white stripes on the inside, sitting on a wooden floor
Marble Run With an Inclined Plane
Marble run with inclined plane
several straw rockets are lined up in a row with the words straw rockets written on them
How to Make Straw Rockets: A Masterclass
How to make Straw rockets - fun boredom buster!
a person pressing down on a piece of bread
Turn Milk into Plastic! - How Wee Learn
Turn milk into plastic with vinegar
three pictures of different colored objects in plastic bags
Liquids Experiment with Oil, Water and Food Coloring
Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas: Liquids Experiment with Oil, Water and Food Coloring
Chasing Cheerios: Making a Sink/Float Bottle Ideas, Sink Or Float, Sink, Float, Crafty Kids, Crafty, Adventure Crafts
Making a Sink/Float Bottle
Chasing Cheerios: Making a Sink/Float Bottle
two young children standing next to each other near a tree stump in the grass and bushes
Baking Soda and Vinegar Science Experiment: Exploding Baggies
watching the baggie explode
a child's feet standing on the ground next to a bag with colored chalk
Exploding Chalk Recipe
Play Recipe- Sidewalk Chalk ~ Growing A Jeweled Rose
a black table with yellow and red paint splattered on it's surface
Water Balloon Splatter Patterns - Science Sparks
a glass jar filled with liquid sitting on top of a table next to a sign that says fireworks in a jar
Fireworks in a Jar
Fireworks in a Jar
Color magic milk science experiment for kids Milk Science Experiment
Magic Milk Science Experiment - Laughing Kids Learn
Color magic milk science experiment for kids
someone is dipping marshmallows in blue and pink to make soapy treats
Frozen Fairy Tale Science for Preschoolers
frozen foaming fizzing science for preschoolers
a hand is writing spelling out names with glue and watercolors
Salt, Glue and Watercolour Writing Activity for Preschoolers
Salt, glue, and watercolor art! - name recognition activity for #children (pinned by Super Simple Songs: #educational #resources
a person holding a red balloon with blue tape on it and the words balloon rockets above it
15 simple science experiments for kids....rainy day fun.