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a balcony overlooking a city with tall buildings
SIXTY LES - Updated 2024 Prices & Hotel Reviews (New York City)
Manhattan’s Lower East Side is sometimes referred to as the last slice of the "real" Manhattan, with its small, independently owned shops and restaurants, exciting art spaces and iconic mainstays, like Katz’s Delicatessen. #Jetsetter Sixty LES (New York City, New York)
an empty room with blue walls and striped flooring, two benches on either side
a billboard with a woman's face and the words, popout around the world with pineapple refresh
many people are on the beach with colorful umbrellas
the sun is setting over the water and bridge in the distance with clouds above it
Gwyneth Paltrow on Instagram: "Quick trip to NYC… needed those crisp fall days, friends, food and culture. Feeling very very grateful."
an image of the sun setting over a bridge with words that read, un ete a paris
the words travel, make love, watch sunsets written in black on a white background