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a bedroom with wooden walls and flooring next to a large window that looks out onto the trees
Wallpaper* on Instagram: "And the winner of our Best Timeshare award is… @notahotel_official, Japan, by Shinji Hamauzu and @suppose_design_office. ‘The usual route to building a hotel is to secure funding, build, and then start selling rooms by the day and hope for a good occupancy rate,’ explains co-founder Shinji Hamauzu. But instead he decided to treat each ‘room’ as a timeshare, selling it to 12 people, each getting 30 days’ worth of use. He also planned to first find a great location and g
Lais Ribeiro on Instagram: "Home sweet home 🏡 😍 🧖🏾‍♀️ 💦" Candice Swanepoel, Instagram, Lais Ribeiro, Vs Angels, Felicity Jones, Home Sweet Home, Sweet Home, Angel, On Instagram
Lais Ribeiro on Instagram: "Home sweet home 🏡 😍 🧖🏾‍♀️ 💦"
an altered collage shows a woman and a bird in the sky with mountains behind her
Kelley Mountain 🦋🤍🦋 on Instagram: "Happy Gemini Full Moon, you gorgeous beauties out there! I made this collage 2 years ago (can’t recall exactly when), and the symbolism seems quite fitting to me for this full moon. So spot on. I love that about making collage- how the messages it has for me unfolds over time. Different life chapters bring out different meanings. It’s like the collages are their own entities that communicate to me, and at same time, also grow with me. As I grow, their refle
two pink concrete walls facing each other with trees in the background
Vitamin A on Instagram: "We’ll be here if you need us. #DoseOfVitaminA"
a shower head hanging from the side of a tree next to the ocean at sunset
@goop on Instagram: “Detoxing your shower is a powerful step for a number of reasons, but especially because skin absorbs pretty much anything—whether it’s…”
a concrete house with a hammock hanging from the roof
mexican architecture + design on Instagram: “@proyectocasadelsapo está ubicada en una ladera en Playa Zapotengo (en la costa de Oaxaca) con vistas increíbles del mar. La casa fue…”