Chris Yong

Chris Yong

Auckland, New Zealand / Digital Specialist | Musician | Explorer
Chris Yong
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HEALTH TIP: Watch out for monosodium glutamate (MSG)! Here’s why: MSG is an excitotoxin, which means that it excites your brain cells to death!

TOP 10 cancer causing foods to avoid. While cancer is one of the worst, regularly eating the cancer causing foods in our top ten list can also lead to heart disease, diabetes, chronic inflammation, and so much more. // The Truth About Cancer

An infographic done by IMB on "A smarter planet is built on smarter analytics". The infographic displays the IBM approach to business #Analytics. The holistic approach turns information into insight and insight into business outcomes. IBM answers the questions why #Analytics matter and how they can transform your industry. 9/10

What is Analytics? Analytics – also known as “business analytics” or “data analysis” – refers to the software and methods that organizations use to understand data. IBM is the world’s analytics leader.

Data Science Industry Unravelled: Data science roles, skills, mindset, salaries,.. all in one infographic!

Data Science Jobs Infographic -- The Data Science Industry: Who Does What (Infographic)