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a small wooden bench sitting on top of snow covered ground next to plants and rocks
Make an Adorable Fairy Garden Out of a Broken Pot
a tree stump with a house built into it
The Redwoods of Rotorua
tree stump gnome houses | Arbtalk.co.uk | Discussion Forum for Arborists
a toy truck is driving through a tunnel made out of rocks and wood mulchs
DIY Yard Project Ideas
If you’re like me, your garden may not lived up to all of your hopes and dreams this summer. The good news: there are still a few months to enjoy your yard before winter hits! Sometimes all it takes is one unique project to spice up your yard and hold you over (until next year). …
there are many miniature chairs and stools on display
Champagne Chairs Are Made From Sparkling Wine Cork Cages
a green door in the bark of a tree
Fairy Door Teal With Natural Wood Roof | Etsy
a bird house made out of wood and insect boxes on the side of a wall
Four Tier Bee and Insect Hotel, Wild Thyme
a bird house made out of old wooden pallets and other items in a garden
Themed Gardens: Children's, Enabling, Native & Vegetable
a red shed filled with lots of green plants
Garden Up! Take Your Landcape to the Next Level - Urban Gardens
a tree stump house in the middle of a forest
Fairy sanctuary in North Yorkshire woodland opens its doors