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two men dressed in native american clothing standing on rocks near the ocean with their arms outstretched
Samoan Traditions. :)
an older woman sitting on a chair in front of a building with blue doors and windows
Beautiful Grandma
a man standing in front of a fire ring
Fire Dancer
Fire Dancer
a man in the ocean holding a blue surfboard
Crystal clear.
two people standing in front of a circular object with lights on the bottom and sides
Samoan Fire Dance 3 - Maui, Hawaii
Samoan Fire Dance
a group of people that are laying down on the ground in front of some grass
Samoan Dance
a woman kneeling down in the dirt next to some bananas
Woman preparing Umu, Samoan traditional food
some people are sitting on the ground with coconuts
It would be a Samoan umu. The culinary arts are a big part of the festival ...
two men cooking food over an open fire in a wooden structure with rocks and wood
Putting the umu down
Samoan food preparation Samoan Recipes, Pacific Islander
Samoan food preparation
a person writing on a piece of paper with a feather quill in their hand
Samoan Mat weaving. Photo by Dani-M-C