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The Fairy Ring poem; will probably print out, age the paper with brewed tea, paste to a board then shellac,and attach to a stake to be placed in the fairy garden.

This Is My Fit

This is what I do. I drink water, work out, eat good, read, and so much more and feel great everyday I wake up :) healthy life is a happy life.

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Aquarius Traits for Android. Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac and is associated with the astrological eleventh house. This zodiac sign is represented by the

Definitely like the dessert part...but not the work or reading parts...yikes! Can't you tell that I am an Aquarius?

Definitely like the dessert part.but not the work or reading parts. Can't you tell that I am an Aquarius?

Aquarius :)

The way to their hearts and bodies is through their mind! If you hit their mental hot buttons: On is ON: They're curious, imaginative, playful and just about insatiable.