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a woman in a pink dress with her arms behind her head and the words yeah, i'm a taurus
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Athletics, Taurus Women Traits, Taurus Personality
As a Taurus I Feel This One Strongly | Taurus Meme on ME.ME
a cartoon girl with red hair and an interesting quote about being atturus on her face
a green and white poster with the words taurus written in it's center
☽☉☾ on Twitter
a taurus has all the right quailies, making them the perfect partner
Zodiac Facts: Taurus
the stars are written in black ink on white paper
Pin on Love love love | Horoscope tattoos, Symbolic tattoos, Classy tattoos
a black cat sitting on top of a table next to a quote from the book cats do not sleep in the way we are
Cats do not 'sleep' in the way we think they do. The truth is cats are interdimensional beings and regularly visit places we cannot. Their e es are also ca‘nble of detecting wave engths of ight that we can t pick up, enabling them to see energies, spirits, elementals and more. The same way dogs are our guardians in the physical world, cats are our protectors in the ener world. This IS why cats were regar ed as sacred in ancient Egypt. - iFunny
an image of the numbers and their meanings
Pin von ashton hearne auf Tattoo | Inspiration zitate, Inspirierende zitate und sprüche, Inspirierende sprüche
an old book with some symbols on it
Alchemical Symbols