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Christopher Wayne

Christopher Wayne
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Wood. Fired. Hot. Tub.

This wood burning hot tub is so awesome! Less pricey to buy and maintain than your every day hot tub and also: WAY more fun. t i n y g o g o : Doug and Erin's wood-fired hot tub

Eco hot tub , yes please.

Off grid doesn't mean off amenities! You can purchase or DIY a wood fired off grid hot tub. Enjoy all the benefits of the outdoor heated tub without the power bill to accompany it!

Use brick under earthen floor for thermal mass... clever. There are lots of discarded bricks at the tip.

Mike and Greg used chunks of urbanite and old bricks, and then gravel on top of that. After some tamping the base is ready for the sub floor mix! The mix they used for the sub floor was 4 parts sand to 1 parts clay slip, made from the local clay subsoil.

Learn about the benefits of earthen floors and how to install them yourself.

Earthen floors are good for thermal mass and the environment. Natural Building with Earthen Floors - Green Homes - MOTHER EARTH NEWS

There are several ways to construct an earthen floor. I use a 2-layer system. The base layer is about 4" thick, and is a mixture of clay, sand, and straw...strong & controlled for cracking. That layer sits on top of a moisture barrier plus 6" to 12" of gravel base. I also put insulation underneath, otherwise your floor is always trying to come to the same temperature as the ground...57F around here (and that makes warming inside in winter a challenge)

A dirt floor that's durable, comfortable and as permanent as many other flooring materials. Perfect for your cob or straw bale house!