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the table is covered with paper and beading
Watching it come together...
To embellish, gather old jewelry, any crystals and the like. Have a pair of good metal snippers handy and let your creative juices run amok.
the children are dressed in costumes and dancing together on stage with their mother, who is holding her hand out to them
there are many children dressed in costumes on the stage with one child standing between them
i'm dreaming the hardest
judygarlandgifs: Judy Garland and co-stars pose for early costume and makeup tests for The Wizard of Oz:
a woman in a blue dress standing next to a man with a basket on his shoulder
munchkin land
a woman in a dress and hat standing on the grass with her hands on her hips
Sew What?! The World's Biggest Munchkin: A Tale of Defeating Stereotypes
there are many people dressed in costumes and standing on the floor with one baby looking at them
Los Munchkins dan la bienvenida a Dorothy. El Mago de Oz, 1939.
a group of children standing next to each other in front of a hut with dolls on it
The Wizard of Oz
a woman in a pink dress and tiara