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Blue Corner Coffee - Branding
koala fresh peaches tea in a box on a white surface with chinese writing
koala packaging design 考拉丢丢果茶包装设计
koala packaging design 考拉丢丢果茶包装设计 on Behance
an advertisement for love today london with green and white polka dots
PaperPlay Greeting Cards
PaperPlay Greeting Cards on Behance
a person holding a blue bag with the word bakehouse on it and an orange background
Bakehouse’s Branding By Dustin Holmes and Kith&Kin Brings the Bakery’s Story to Life
three colorful shopping bags sitting next to each other on a white surface with the words happy printed on them
Batch Coffee Club's Colorful Approach To Coffee Packaging
someone is holding two bottled water bottles in front of a card with the word boo on it
Mohu Brewery's Conceptual Packaging And Its Ethereal Connections
several different colored signs hanging from a line in front of a storefront with chinese writing on them
City By City: 15 Hong Kong Based Brands
some type of food that is on top of a wooden table, with the words stone street written in red and blue
Branding & Packaging Design by Abby Leighton Studio
Branding & Packaging design concept for Stone & Skillet, an english muffin company. Tags: label package food whole foods brand logo retro minimal modern colorful playful classic vintage
two bags with broccoli on them sitting next to each other in front of a white background
Think Creative Packaging Blog
The 'Eat Colour' packaging concept developed by student Kim Gyeongah of Hoseo University in South Korea uses colour as the means to highlight and brand the product. Eat Color is a line of dried vegetable snacks, which are ideal for snacking on throughout the year, no matter what's in season. Designed by Kim Gyeongah
a package with some type of label attached to it's side and on the back
Al Rifai Re-packaging
there are two small bags of nuts in the same package, one is green and the other is yellow
two white boxes with green ribbons tied to each other on top of one another in front of a wooden wall