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funnywildlife: Blue Footed Boobies The Blue-footed Booby is a bird in the Sulidae family which comprises ten species of long-winged seabirds. The natural breeding habitat of the Blue-footed Booby is.

time for more pics of my girls...

time for more pics of my girls.

Black-faced Spoonbill

Eurasian or Common Spoonbill (Platalea leucorodia)This is species breeds from the United Kingdom and Spain in the west through to Japan, and also in North Africa. In Europe, only The Netherlands,.

Funny pictures about Watching Netflix with my bird. Oh, and cool pics about Watching Netflix with my bird. Also, Watching Netflix with my bird.

#Blue_Footed_Booby, #birds ✿⊱╮

Blue Footed Booby, Galapagos Islands Cuties I giggle just saying the name, but watching videos of these birds landing after weeks/months at sea, on dry land, is hysterical/ass-over-teakettle/snort -your- drink-thru-your-nose funny!



Art Nouveau / Arts and Crafts Tiles / Plaque / Fireplace / Bathroom / Kitchen 44

Details of a Art Nouveau stylised Tiles ref from our range of Floral/Flowers/Foliage Mantels/Surrounds in the Art Nouveau style

Double-banded Courser of Tanzania and South Africa.

The 'Double-banded Courser' (Rhinoptilus africanus), It is found in Ethiopia, Somalia, South Africa, Tanzania.