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Around 2 weeks ago I worked for pal for some screens that he required, well I found it so perhaps I thought its a good idea to share. Share some love for this mistake :)
Simple & Minimal & Basic Presentation Template #keynote #presentation #basic #portfolio #project #work #editorial #template #templates #pitchdeck #simplep #AD
Skull collage on rectangle. Surreal abstract art photo in black and white by Joseph Westrupp. Canvases and giclee prints available. #bestilled #surrealabstract #surrealism #abstractart


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Lazenby recommend unique colours for their superior polished concrete installations. RAL colour matches available. Visit our London Showroom by appointment.
Color of today: 벚꽃쥐색  디자인빛의 작은 프로젝트 오늘의색은  하루에 한 빛깔,  아름다운 색과 재미있는 색이름을 소개합니다.  오늘 소개해드릴 색은 '벚꽃쥐색SAKURANEZUMI'입니다.  벚꽃쥐색은 일본의 전통색 중 하나로 '사쿠라네즈미'로 읽습니다. 말 그대로 벚꽃색(사쿠라)과 쥐색(네즈미)가 합쳐진 색이에요. 일본 전통색에서 쥐색은 회색을 뜻합니다. 벚꽃의 핑크색과 쥐색의 회색이 합쳐져 벚꽃쥐색이 됩니다. 굉장히 우아한 색이죠' 쥐색은 보통 먹의 농도를 조절해 만들었으므로 묵색, 또는 먹색이라고도 합니다.  회색, 또는 먹색을 '쥐'로 부르기 시작한건 에도시대(1603-1868) 초기라고 알려짐 에도시대 후기가 되면 다양한 톤의 쥐색이 등장하는데요. 벚꽃쥐색은 에도시대에 등장했지만 실제론 메이지 24년, 30년에 유행했다고 하네요 #디자인빛#오늘의빛#오늘의일#오늘의색#색깔#컬러#디자인#벚꽃쥐색#사쿠라네즈미#color#d8c6bc#design#designbit


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YinjiSpace - U.lab x Bamford
[131] 간판 디자인 / 폴딩도어 카페 외관 : 네이버 포스트
Francesc Rifé Studio : ephemeral » Ziru Salone del Mobile


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Clothing Label Square Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock


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an abstract black and white barcode pattern on a white background with the word,'i
9,382 Clothing Label Square Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock
Clothing Label Square Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock
black and white lines are arranged in the shape of a rectangle
Out of Line...
Creating countour, shape out of lines that change in weight or form
four different lines that appear to have been drawn in white on a gray background,
New Brand Identity for EMSCom by Moving Brands - BP&O
EMSCom designed by Moving Brands
山与·鱼企业视觉形象VI设计欣赏 Logos, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Cafe Shop, Sign Design, Arch, Logo Design, Branding, Signs
a close up of a person walking on the sidewalk with their feet in the air
Daxton Hotel
Daxton Hotel - Fonts In Use
a close up of a sign on the side of a building that says misse