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a bathroom sink sitting under a mirror next to a window
sculptural frustum roofs top beach residence by architects EAT in south australia
an empty street in front of some white and red brick buildings with a clock on it
Macdonald Wright Architects creates founder's own low-energy home in London
Macdonald Wright Architects creates low-energy Library House in London
an open door in a room with wood flooring and glass coverings on the doors
New finishes and materials for doors and partitions
the interior of a house with bookshelves, plants and rugs on the floor
equipo de arquitectura builds an office out of earth around two trees in paraguay
equipo de arquitectura在巴拉圭的兩棵樹周圍建立了一個辦公室
a living room filled with furniture next to a book shelf and bookshelf on the wall
The glories of the Big Lebowski house – in pictures
Goldstein (famous for his NBA fandom) has promised his home, its contents, and the surrounding estate to LACMA
an open closet with clothes hanging on shelves and wooden flooring in front of a white wall
A Renovated 1930s Home Overlooking Brisbane River
an open kitchen and dining room area in a modern style house with concrete flooring
Felipe Hess Masterfully Rejigs a São Paulo Residence | Yatzer