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Chelseigh Fransch
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Your best friend is the person you can count on for anything — whether it's good or bad, they will always be by your side, making funny faces or bringing you coffee on long days. Getting a best friend tattoo with your closest pal can be a cool way to

Elemento simple que cabe bien en cualquier sitio... Mejor si fuera menos rígido. __________________________ Simple element that can fit and go well anywhere. I'd like it better if it was more loose...

This symbol is a combination of a lotus flower (representing wellness) and a trinity knot (representing mind, body, spirit).

Zibu symbol for friendship....close to the one I have already but I do like it too

Zibu symbol for "embrace life". Acceptance of optimal health Breathe life into your body and envision it as the healthy temple it is intended to be. See yourself as a thriving being.

celtic symbol of sisterhood tattoo -

Celtic symbol of sisterhood tattoo - would be super cute for a best friends tat also! I like the blue one, my big sis can get the orange one!