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a park bench sitting under a tree with pink flowers
Friday Favorites
Can nature come up with colors like those?
a man with his eyes closed wearing ear buds and a baseball cap is looking up into the sky
Fixing the world, one apostrophe at a time
“Even though he’s an international super-villain, I think he takes great pleasure in what he does. So it was important that I really enjoyed it and we got the sense that Moriarty is really playful about it and not serious. And then sometimes you think that he really is serious about it…sometimes he’s massively scary and sometimes he’s just charm itself.” - Andrew Scott
a man in a tuxedo standing next to a wall with damask on it
Andrew Scott. Because even Moriarty knows bow ties are cool.
an image of the same person talking to each other in different ways with words above them
And this is why his Moriarty was genius. Andrew Scott is not afraid to go outside the box.