holly steentjes

holly steentjes

holly steentjes
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Country Life

A goat: Don't ewe wish ewe had curls like this? No I wish I had a sweater or coat made of this silky goat hair.I once saw sweaters made of this in Ireland, and throws.they are so silky and lovely. And expensive.

50 Amazing Photos From Cat Heaven Island In Japan

Photographer Fubirai has spent more than half a decade documenting the lives of the semi-wild cats that roam Fukuoka, Japan, a small island known to locals as Cat Heaven.

Said to best friend: "At least we have each other."

Some cats keep your head warm; some heads keep your cat comfy. Does this cat make me look fat? Nah, it’s just my cat hat. Everything is easier when you’ve got your thinking cat on. Hmm… now where did I put my cat? Oh yeah, …