Chch Chutney

Chch Chutney

Christchurch, New Zealand / A group for chutney connoisseurs, pickle aficionados, jam lovers, and sauce-erers. Share, swap, learn, enjoy!
Chch Chutney
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Jam Print

Love simple line drawings in a frame. The subjects could be about food in the kitchen, it fits nice that way.

Chilli Sauce

Chili Sauce -- my mother used to make this, and I'm going to try it this summer! (Not this exact recipe, but my grandmother's, which is similar.

Maple and Blueberry Jelly

Maple and Blueberry Jelly Recipe - The Sugar Hit

Cucumber Jelly Recipe

I'm a sucker for odd jam and jelly recipes. Cucumber jelly sounds strangely delicious and I'm going to have to try it.

Raspberry Jalapeno Jam

It's Sweet With a Bit of a Warm Hot After Kick! That's the only way to describe this yummy Jelly Recipe! It's a wonderful way to eat y


I love making jellies. I love grapefruit and I thought, well why can't you make Grapefruit Jelly? So I looked around and this was the best recipe I could come