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two small dolls sitting on top of a bed next to each other in the same room
Stitching Sanity
an embroidered piece with many different designs on the back of it, including lines and dots
Zen Tangles and Stitching
an open book with white writing on it and a brown cover that has a circular design
NameBright - Coming Soon
a red and white print on paper with lines in the middle that appear to be woven
a piece of cloth with different colored dots on it
recent work — Bonnie Sennott
a close up of a piece of cloth with beads and threads on the fabric
recent work — Bonnie Sennott
a blue cloth with white stitching on it and a red thread in the middle
This Ivy House
Unisex, Giyim, Model, Styl, Style, Robe, Style Me, Dress
Buxton Dress
an appliqued case with buttons and sewing needles
Needle book
someone is making a needle book on a table with scissors and yarns around it
How to Make a Needle Book