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A tour of your dream walk-in wardrobe is here
You have to watch the video to see the feature. A really attractive example of a closet/wardrobe. I particularly like the layout of the storage, with a dedicated section for hanging pants.
Lighting design ideas for modern home
Lighting design for bedroom
a large bed sitting in the middle of a bedroom
Bedroom Interior Design Ideas
Exploring - Bedroom Interior Design Ideas
a modern kitchen with wooden floors and white walls, along with recessed lighting on the ceiling
an image of a porch with a swing chair on the deck and lights above it
Minimalist Opulence: Striking a Balance of Simplicity and Luxury in House Interiors
the stairs are being built into the wall next to the closet under the stair case
Bespoke furniture Oxfordshire Archives - Mark Williamson Furniture - bespoke fitted and freestanding furniture Buckinghamshire