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Hello, I’m Kieron Cropper. I make collage art under the pseudonyum and I live in Brighton. I create artwork using vintage imagery and overlooked fragments of old books and magazines. I then combine these using a series of analogue and digital techniques.

Judith Kindler

The use of multiple frames displaying individual images arranged together to create the full image, by artist Judith Kindler.

Cambodian monks

Cambodian monks

Sergio Cerchi: "La lezione"

One could describe the work of the Italian artist Sergio Cerchi, as what happens when cubism, realism, and fantasy meet. Artist Sergio Cerchi artworks are.

Life is beautiful and as humans we are put here to further the beauty with our talents. :)

Oh yes it is,despite every pain.every hurdle.Life is beautiful with all of this.and Im grateful for allllll the zillion things I have to be grateful for.Life is certainly beautiful-wall art.