Chant locks are designed and manufactured in house. Constructed with brass & stainless steel materials & precision engineered to offer high quality and…
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Not everything is about handles. Security is part of our business! #chant #chanthardware #hardware #door #doorhardware #locks #stainless #manufacturing #customization #bespoke #security
two wooden doors with black handles on them
The compression Lock range has been developed for applications were weather seals need to be compressed. 270 degrees of rotation on the turn allows you to lock and compress your doors with only one hand !! #chant #chanthardware #lock #compression #flush #slidingdoors #bespoke #welisten
a metal door handle and latch on a white background
At Chant we don't only manufacture handles but the entire set of hardware for all you applications. The Sliding Door Compression Lock range not only locks but isolates spaces by compression weather seals #chant #chanthardware #lock #compression #bespoke #weathersealed
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The Tidy Tradie - Lock Carpenter
Chant Roller Mortice Lock with Copper Pull Handles, from Mother Of Pearl & Sons. #Chant #ChantProductions #ChantHardware #MOP #MotherOfPearl
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Mother of Pearl & Sons Trading - Luxury Home Decor
70mm backset roller mortice lock. Not other roller lock comes close. Two adjustements, tension and roller projection, and these screws don’t unwind, come loose, and drive you crazy. Extended roller lock strikes made to suit by manufacturer, as well as two-way strikes.
an open door with two knobs on each side and a handle to the left
Mortise Lock - Latches and Locks NZ » archipro.co.nz
Mortise Lock
an open door with the handle on it
Mortise Roller Lock - Latches and Locks NZ » archipro.co.nz
Mortise Roller Lock
an open door with a wooden handle and brass plated latch on the front panel
Magnetic Latch - Latches and Locks NZ » archipro.co.nz
Magnetic Latch
an open door with a brass handle on the front and side of it is shown
Mortise Latch » archipro.co.nz
Mortise Latch