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the fact that there's a highway to hell and only a stairway to heaven says a lot about anticipated traffic numbers
T🥁mmy L33 on X
the quote be the change you wish to see in the world gandhi on white background
Silhouette Design Store:
a handwritten quote that says life is like a butterfly you go through changes before you become something beautiful
Addicted to Rubber Stamps
a blue background with green leaves on it and a poem written in the center that says, my body has absorbed so much soap and water, hand sanitizer & disinfectant that now
Let's laugh take two! - The Enchanted Home
a quote that says, you cannot break a person who gets their strength from god
Trust God
a sign that says, every once in a while someone amazing comes into your life and here i am you're welcome
Top 14 Funny Sarcastic Quotes
a fire with the words god will bring you through the fire
Fire of God
a quote from c s lewis that says god doesn't want something from us he simply wants us
It's better than Tinder!
a man in a black shirt and hat with a quote from denzel washington