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smoke bomb photography

sometimes her teleportation leaves behind a cloud of pink smoke (it would be more of a dark magenta color)

Graffiti Traintracks Geometric

Graffiti Traintracks Geometric

Abandoned Train, Lambertville, NJ.

Abandoned Train Station, , Lambertville, New Jersey, USA

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All can walk away but you cannot! It's your own personal faith walk. so continue your walk alone!shoes in place.time to walk this faith thing all the way through 🏃

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Be the friend?) I sit on the edge of the train tracks, swinging my legs with a sigh. A few tears stream down my face. My boyfriend just broke up with me." I hear a voice, and I turn to look. It's my best friend, and he looks worried.

The Good Life — ikwt: Urban Tracks (Michael Salisbury) | ikwt

The Good Life — ikwt: Urban Tracks (Michael Salisbury)

look girl “entrance” (photography by Yukihiro Yoshida)

Into the Night photo: Yukihiro Yoshida yoshida photography the night

"Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road." — Jack Kerouac

He was a Skater Boy.

The journey doesn't end if you take a breather it's only a little rest before you keep going on the Journey

travel in a city you don't know

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