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the front and back covers of two different books
Studio Jimbo
“Never trust those mother fuckers” — A3 Poster by me.
a pink poster with the words change the world in blue and white on it, which reads where there is love there is life
Change the World: Posters by Alonglongtime | Inspiration Grid
Change the World: Posters by Alonglongtime | Inspiration Grid | Design Inspiration
a poster for an event with pink and white graphics on it, including mountains in the background
theotherfacsimile: “Poster for Project 13 ”
a close up of a book cover with an image of a woman's face
Posters and Photography image inspiration on Designspiration
an image of the words art is lifesaving in blue and white letters on a white background
Typography / creative process study
Typography / creative process study by Michael Söderqvist-Waag, via Behance
a pink and white brochure with the words we are here written on it
Where are we now
a poster with hands and numbers on it
Contact Improvisation Meeting in Japan 6th | SCHEDULE | KIITO
Contact Improvisation
a black and white poster with an abstract pattern on it's back side, in front of a white wall
French designers Helmo present some refreshingly experimental posters
the label for matissee's new wine, berggruen and cif
Henri Matisse Exhibition Print | HIGH QUALITY PRINT | Digital Download | Matisse Minimalist Print
a poster for the festival in france with an image of a woman's face
Festival des Patrimoines (c)SamPaul
a movie poster for woman like me with two skateboarders on the top of it
Image gallery for Little Mix Feat. Nicki Minaj: Woman Like Me (Music Video)
an advertisement with the words spring 2012 written in black and yellow, on a white background
Lecture Series Typographic Poster
Lecture Series Typographic Poster on Behance