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four different views of the floor plan of a restaurant with tables and couches on it
The 3 Point Tavern & Guild
the floor plan for a small house with two rooms and one living room in it
Building Map: Townhouse
an overhead view of the kitchen and living room
Maraven Inn
the floor plan of a cabin with two rooms and one living room on each side
Razz'z Fantasy Tavern Battlemap Collection: 1A - The Old Dog Tavern & Inn
Nestled on the edge of the great wilds, The Old Dog Tavern & Inn serves as the last waypoint for westward travellers. Serving a mix of exotic ales and offering warm beds, The Old Dog is perfect when you need a generic tavern for your next Dungeons & Dragons game! This package includes FOUR radical battlemaps in a Day / Night theme and comes with a 20x20 gridded version of both! Each battlemap is in 3k resolution and can easily be uploaded to any VTT program!
two floor plans for a cabin in the woods
DnD Tabletop Tavern Battle Map
A simple tavern battlemap for Dnd or other tabletop games.
the floor plan for an apartment with two separate rooms
DnD Tabletop Tavern Night Battle Map
two views of the inside and outside of a building, one with an open floor plan
Free Tavern Battlemap & Illustration by Tom Cartos
Click the link to download & find out more. #tomcartos #battlemap #map #ttrpg #dnd #rpg #pathfinder #dungeons #dragons #5e #d&d #free #illustration #scene #concept #art #tavern #inn #pub #skyrim #viking
two screens showing the same location as each other, and one shows an area where people are
Free Bandit Camp Battlemap & Illustration
three wooden barrels sitting next to each other on top of a gray surface with a clock in the middle
Dwarven Barrel Wagon [18 x 26]
three wooden boats sitting side by side on top of a cement floor with lights above them