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a sculpture made out of concrete with the letter s on it
George Kennethson
five bronze sculptures on wooden blocks with white background
sculpture en papier journal - Aquarelles contemporaines, encre et travail sur papier par Vanessa Renoux
a stone sculpture of a woman's head and shoulders wrapped around her body, against a white background
Cristelle Berberian
an orange and black sculpture on the ground with silver glittering around it's body
Dancing abstractions in sculpture and clayart
a statue sitting on top of a white table next to green plants and a red wall
a large stone statue sitting on top of a wooden base
Cristelle Berberian
Cristelle Berberian
a large white sculpture sitting on top of a black table next to a gray wall
two faces carved into the back of a statue
ANGELS ON ALERT. Limestone sculpture by Nancy DeCamillis
a white sculpture sitting on top of a cement block
a stone statue with a head wearing a crown on top of it's head