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a painting of two pears on a red and green background with squares around them
~ It's a Colorful Life ~
Jewel Tones
several pears are shown in different colors and sizes on the same panel, each one has been painted with acrylic paint
“Which Pear?”
Which Pear
some paint brushes are laying on top of each other and red ink is spilled all over them
I get a ton of questions about watercolor techniques - what I paint with, how I paint, and what I paint on. In this three part series, I hope to answer some of your questions! First off, the brand of brush doesn't matter at all. I use a mix of cheap brushes and some more high quality ones that my parents have handed down to me, and I really don't feel strongly one way or the other- so don't feel intimidated about what to buy! It's all about how you use the tool, not what brand it is....
the steps to draw a water drop in 4 easy steps
How to Draw Water Drops Step by Step
Wassertropfen Schritt für Schritt zeichnen|How to Draw Water Drops Step by Step
a person is painting donuts with watercolors on white paper and colored pencils
Showing you guys my #bts process of painting donuts on Snapchat today! : monvoirco - follow me for lots of painting, drawing, design tutorials and random weirdness in between. #monvoir #watercolor #donuts #winsorandnewton
a notebook with watercolor balls on it
36 Watercolor Tutorials | How to Paint With Watercolors
a watercolor painting of a seahorse on a white paper with blue and green colors
four glass balls sitting on top of a table next to each other in black and white
A Little Bit Of Everything
This drawing shows how effectively creating tonal values and reflective light can result in the creation of materiality.
a person holding a paper with watercolors on it next to some paint supplies
Hello ☺️. Day 3/9 of the autumn challenge. The topic is autumn berries - yesss 🍂. I've chosen rowan berries but you can paint any autumn berries you want. Regram @dearannart #artoftheday #artwork #illustrationart #watercolorart #watercolortutorial
the steps to drawing leaves in watercolor on paper
Watercolor Arts | The Art 123
🍃 TUTORIAL! 🍃 Today I decided to share a step by step tutorial of an olive branch with you guys! Hope you like it. 🤗 If you try this… painting love #watercolorarts
four different types of shapes are shown in this drawing lesson for beginners to learn how to draw
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40 geometric form drawing ideas