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a collage of pictures with the words is your chicken a layer or a liar?
How To Tell If A Chicken Is Still Laying Eggs | The Homesteading Hippy
How to Tell if a Chicken is Still Laying
the cover of grow sprouts as treats for your chickens save money and feed them well
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Growing sprouts for your chickens is a great way to save money and give them a healthy treat!
a bowl filled with chopped up food on top of a table
How to Feed Eggshells to Chickens • The Prairie Homestead
how to feed eggshells to chickens (For their calcium needs)
two chickens are eating out of orange bowls
Pumpkin Seeds as a Dewormer for Chickens
grind up pumpkin seeds and feed it to chickens as a natural dewormer
chicken feeder and water plan with text overlay reading 10 best diy chicken feeder & water plans
10 Best DIY Chicken Feeder And Waterer Plans And Ideas - Homestead & Survival
10 Best DIY Chicken Feeder And Waterer Plans And Ideas...
a man holding two chickens in his hands
chicken check up- 9 things to look for
a chicken with the words how to save mega bucks feeding your chickens on it's back
Save Money On Chicken Feed: 8 Ways To Save Mega Bucks When Feeding Your Chickens What The Cluck?! Session 10 [Podcast]
Who doesn't want to save money on chicken feed? In this session of What The Cluck?! you'll learn 8 ways to save money on chicken feed. From FrugalChicken
several plastic baskets are stacked on top of each other with plants growing in the bottom
A great way to feed chicken in winter time - sprouting!
a pile of shredded up grass next to a door
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In the chook pen, herbs can help protect against bacteria, rodents, lice, mites and internal parasites such as worms. Try rosemary, sage, lavender or bergamot for a calming effect; feverfew, catnip, peppermint or wormwood to repel insects and other pests; and oregano for its anti-parasitic qualities. Dandelion greens can stimulate the immune system; coriander is a fungicide; thyme helps respiratory health.
a head of cabbage sitting on top of a wooden table next to scissors and yarn
Cabbage Pinata
Haha, can't wait to see this in action: Cabbage pinata to keep hens from getting bored in the winter.
a metal pan filled with lots of food on top of a wooden table next to a rolling pin
Eggs Shells for Chickens: Oyster Shell Replacement - Bless This Mess
Eggs Shells for Chickens: Oyster Shell Replacement - tips for owning backyard chickens
a chicken standing on top of gravel next to a wooden box filled with dirt and rocks
Wood Ash For Mite-Free Hens
wood ash mixed with sand for mite-free hens
a chicken coop in the middle of a grassy area with a red shed behind it
Discover the best cool chicken house on Dwell
A chicken run! This would be perfect for starting a new garden bed.
a chicken standing on top of a pumpkin
Pumpkin Soup – A Natural Wormer for Chickens? - Grit
Chickens: Natural Wormer