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a drawing of a hot air balloon with flowers on it and a pen in the foreground
Cool #tattoo #design #illustration by @sola_blackmeat (IG) of a #hotairballoon…
a woman's chest with a fox and books tattoo on it
Nantes Railway Station
Fox tattoo by just inked (Nantes) love this, but with a cat instead of a fox
a woman with a tattoo on her arm that has books and a teapot on it
60+ Wibbly Wobbly Doctor Who Tattoos
Books tattoo. Tea tattoo. Kid's names tattoo. Doctor Who quote tattoo. All in one. :)
a black and white drawing of a stack of books on the arm, done in ink
Modelo De Tatuajes, Diseños, Citas E Ideas
Goose Tattoo / Brooklyn / Tattoo Portfolio of Nalla Smith
a woman's thigh with some books on it
This is great, but a HP version...
many different colored tattoos on the back of a woman's body
starving | amanda britto » TATTOOS DE CANDELARIA CARBALLO
Love the idea of watercolor tattoos. I'm not sure how long it would last, or if it would age well...
a man with a bird tattoo on his chest
There is something quite fabulous about this. It speaks to dreams becoming reality. Thoughts coming to fruition.
a drawing of a bird flying next to a cage with two birds in it,
a black and white photo of a city skyline with a ferris wheel in the background
Aaron Girard Tattoo Artist - Tattoo Artists in Boston - Tattoo Ideas
Aaron Girard Portfolio | Stingray Bodyart
the back of a woman's shoulder with an owl and tree tattoo on it
Tree owls tattoo, would be awesome to have four little owls, one representing each of my babies! ;)
a man's stomach with an image of a cave in the woods on it
Scorpion Tattoo
Black and grey desert scene scorpion tattoo.