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a large wooden object on top of a table next to some scissors and other tools
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cream roll! 4.38 stars, 8 reviews. "vary yummy" @allthecooks #recipe #dessert #easy #cold #cream #christmas
a close up of many different types of food on a plate with text above it
The WHOot
there are chocolate truffles with sprinkles in the tray on the table
Cookie Dough Truffles and Holiday Baking!
Cookie Dough Truffles and Holiday Baking! No bake cookie dough bites...20 minutes tops!
several pieces of brownie with green and pink frosting on them sitting on a table
Clinker slice
Thermomix | Clinker slice
a close up of many different types of food on a plate with text above it
The WHOot
three pictures showing how to make an easter chick
GrrrlHub | Women's Magazine for (by) Unapologetic Women
Easter-Chick-Cupcakes-Recipe SOOO cute!!.
bananas and blueberries are being cooked in pans
Buttermilk Banana Blueberry Bread - Damn Delicious
so healthy for breakfast! id make a few changes but great idea
three brownies stacked on top of each other
My Favorite Brownies
Culinary Couture: My Favorite Brownies i didn't think i liked homemade brownies until i made these!
homemade chocolate cookie dough brownie balls are shown in three different pictures, one is half eaten and the other half has been cut open
Homemade Cookie Dough Brownie Bombs
Homemade cookie dough brownie bombs feature egg-free cookie dough balls covered in fudgy homemade brownie and dipped in chocolate. Outrageou...
chocolate covered donuts on a red plate
Recipes | Disney Family
very good and they really do taste like choc. chip cookie dough, no eggs and no baking, love it!!
two chocolate chip cookies sitting on top of each other
Jacques Torres' Secret Chocolate Chip Cookie
The BEST chocolate chip cookie recipe
a plate full of chocolate chip cookies on a table
Easy Cookie Recipes! {101 Epic Treats} - The Frugal Girls
Chewy Jumbo Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe! {these cookies are SO delicious, and taste like they're straight from the local bakery!} #chocolate #cookie #recipes
chocolate chip cookies stacked on top of each other in a black plate with white background
Chocolate Chip Cookies
The NYTimes rated this the best chocolate chip cookie recipe ever
chocolate brownies on a wooden cutting board with the title how to make homemade box mix style brownies
The Best Homemade Brownies Recipe!
How To Make Homemade Box Mix Style Brownies by Picky Palate! I finally found a "from scratch" recipe that meets my husband's brownie standards!
chocolate brownies stacked on top of each other next to a glass of milk
Double Chocolate Brownies - Like Mother Like Daughter
The best brownies in the world. UPDATE: just made them and they're so easy and delicious! Never buying boxed brownie mix again!