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“A most handy and efficacious filter can be made out of an ordinary perfectly clean zinc water pail, through the bottom of which a hole has .

DIY Water filter and Water still on this site.

Homemade Water Filter: "Jungle Survival: Finding Water" - always helpful information as long as you have sand, rocks, charcoal, and a plastic bag.


INSTANT SURVIVAL TIP: Improvised Water Filter. Everyone should know how to do this and to put the water in question through the filter multiple times!

Make your water safe to drink, even while camping with this infographic. DIY water filter. Purifying water. Drinking water.

Make Your Water Safe To Drink Even While Camping With This Infographic Diy Water Filter Purifying Wa 2


coffee cup water filter-used for water to boil and cook with. You need sand and activated charcoal.

Cato Dobbs, (January 2014)

Cato Dobbs, (January 2014)