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here you'll find ONLY things I like related or something ells that might represent me. other than that. thanks for stopping by and I'll see you. In the Next…
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an animated image of people standing in front of a green object with the word prologue on it
Geneforge Comic Dub Before the adventure
Geneforge Comic Dub Before the adventure
looking up at skyscrapers in the rain from below, with one person holding an umbrella
The Art Of Animation
The Art Of Animation, Alexander Preuss - ...
a white bird with yellow wings standing on top of a red carpet in front of a castle
mystery-of-silence: .:Homecoming:. by Aviaku
mystery-of-silence: .:Homecoming:. by Aviaku
the night sky is full of stars and clouds over mountains with snow covered peaks in the foreground
Snow Melt
Fonte de la neige
a boat is in the water under a bridge on a foggy day with a ferry passing underneath
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
four different views of an old car in the middle of water and land with mountains in the background
Traveling Cars Adventures by Kim Leuenberger
an image of a fantasy city with people walking through the alleys and old buildings
Malombre, WarpZ / Pierre Fabre
A personal project to illustrate a story I'm writing.
a dragon that is in the middle of a painting
ManthosLappas - Professional, Digital Artist | DeviantArt
Dragão das Trevas -- Arte por Manthos Lappas (deviantArt)
a large white dragon with blue eyes on it's face and tail, standing in front of a cloudy sky
time-left-to-kill: “ They say she went to fight the river in the sky. ”
a painting of a man standing in front of a waterfall with a light on it
NameBright - Domain Expired
Cinema Gorgeous
an image of a forest scene with trees and plants on the left side of the frame
an arch in the side of a building with water coming out of it and light streaming through
Dark Beauty Magazine
Modern Art| Photagraphy| Serafini Amelia| Charlie Bowater via Dark Beauty Magazine
a woman standing in front of a stage with statues on it and light coming from behind her
Ogum Guardian
two people standing on a bridge looking up at the night sky with stars in the background
I've grown too fond of the darkness to be afraid of the night...