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a white box that is on top of a black surface with the words tobaco flower
Labels Studio — Embossed, Luxury, Elegant Candle Box Shoulder Box Packaging.
Designed by Labels Studio. Get in touch via for your Branding + Packaging project.
two photos one with a man and the other has an instagram post on it
Pleo – Visual Journal
an advertisement for the film, inspired by the modern feminine
Elevated & Modern Branding Design for Well Spirit Collective Talent Agency
We had a great time creating the Branding and Logo of Well Spirit Collective - a wellness talent management agency. We love creating brands with stunning aesthetics. Discover more of our work at
an open book sitting on top of a wooden table
Illustration — Alexis Jamet
a magazine cover with an image of a plant on it's front page and the words sysou horan written in black
Susumu Yokota – Cloud Hidden
Susumu Yokota – Cloud Hidden on Behance
an iphone screen with the text cut out in black and yellow, on top of a white background
four books with different designs on them sitting on top of a white countertop next to each other
Coffee Table Books from Assouline
this is an image of a book cover with the words, this is an art movement
Gift Cards & E-Gift Cards
the words happy peter are painted in neon green, pink and yellow on a black background
Dave Coleman — Animation & illustration
peep coffee