Drought planning and management is generally covered in two areas of infrastructure management planning – Future Demand, and Risk.

Explaining the Simple Infrastructure Asset Management Diagram 3

After Ross explained the Simple Infrastructure Asset Management Diagram 3 in the previous post, Heather commented further. She cited that the most important part of asset management is the thinking…

Using modern infrastructure management tools and techniques will aid communities in defining, analysing and resolving these types of infrastructure issues.

Medford, Oregon Comes Up With Creative Solution for Cooling Treated Wastewater

Tesla Motors chief executive Elon Musk has finally unveiled the highly anticipated electric car, the Model 3 at an event in Los Angeles.

The future demand analysis then feeds into your asset lifecycle management planning, and financial projections.

In a smaller utility, there’s a lot less movement of assets around so it probably works a lot better to have the locational or smart numbering system to smaller utility than the larger utility … – Heather Himmelberger

Just give yourself the freedom to use different systems for the treatment plants and for the linear assets that works really well.

Utility infrastructure—particularly for water—is crumbling around the nation, and public utilities are having a lot of trouble getting up to code. – from The Atlantic Citylab