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a wedding photo with the words,'photography recommends don't wear a bra the morning of your wedding it will leave marks on your back and shoulders that will be visible in pictures
the words wedding tip it's your wedding, not theirs be kind, but don't try to please everyone
Wedding tip
the words wedding tip written in white on a pink background with an image of a bride's dress
Wedding tip: make sure you can sit in your dress
a cake made to look like a stack of books with people sitting on top of them
10 Wedding Cakes For Book Lovers — Cake Wrecks
10 Wedding Cakes For Book Lovers — Cake Wrecks
a table topped with an open book next to a candle
Blush and Navy Woodsy Boho Summer Wedding in the Woods — Madeline Rose Photography Co.
an arch made out of books with flowers and plants on it is surrounded by greenery