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Or own wharenui. Each picture on the maihi represents something important to one student or the clad just add the carvings on a meeting house might depict something about the hapu of that marae. On the amo are images of legends that resonate with the class.


Masterpiece Monday & Art Around the World - Day #10 - Maori of New Zealand

the Art Curator for Kids - Art Around the World - New Zealand - Maori - Parts of Wharenui, Te Whare Runanga labeled


New Zealand Crafts With its interesting and unique birds and the rich culture of the Maoris, a New Zealand theme offers some fun craft possibilities for kids! We've got a collection of New Zealand craft ideas here which we hope will provide inspiration and ideas for all ages.

How to Make Homemade Weaving Looms from Popsicle Sticks