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a pink and white card with an elephant on it's side, next to some flowers
Stampin' Up! - Little Elephant - Celebrate your big day! - Happy Stampin'
the cover of six months old baby's book, with pictures of babies in different stages
BabyCentre | The Most Accurate & Trustworthy Pregnancy & Parenting Information
Fab ideas for babies who are crawling | BabyCentre Blog
baby - safe sensory play activities for babies and toddlers to do with their hands
28 Baby-Safe and Toddler Approved Sensory Play Activities
Try these fun and educational sensory play activities with your baby and toddler. They are taste-safe and don’t pose a choking hazard, and fun enough for the older kids to join in the fun.
the ultimate guide to finger foods for babys and toddlers - info sheet with instructions
The Ultimate Guide to Finger Foods for Baby Led Weaning
This Ultimate Guide of Finger Foods for Baby has over 80 tasty finger food ideas that your baby can enjoy for their very first bite of solid food. The guide will also go into detail about the basics of finger foods - what to serve, how to serve it and when to start serving it. This guide is also great if you are doing the Baby-Led Weaning approach.
Baby sleep problems keeping you up at night? Find out if you are making these top mistakes that keep baby from sleeping through the night. #babysleep #momtips Baby Schlafplan, Baby Fotografie, Baby Sleep Schedule, Baby Care Tips, Baby Advice, Baby Prep, Baby Sleep Problems, Sleep Problems
Breastfeeding Mazgazine - Advice, Tips and Fashion for Nursing Moms
Baby sleep problems keeping you up at night? Find out if you are making these top mistakes that keep baby from sleeping through the night. #babysleep #momtips
baby play ideas for babies and toddlers with text overlay that reads, 21 tried tested baby play ideas
Simple Baby Play Ideas
Arty Crafty Kids | Play | 21 Awesome Baby Play Ideas | A collection of fun, engaging and sensory play ideas for babies.
a baby laying on top of a bed next to a red, white and blue balloon
5 Creative Ways To Play With Your Kicking Newborn | CanDo Kiddo
Tie Helium Balloons to Baby's Ankles — CanDo Kiddo
how i tricked my toddler into potty training
How I Tricked My Toddler Into Potty Training
I love this mom's thoughts on how to trick your toddler into potty training--very funny. LOL! AD #TrainTogether
the words hula hoop are written in different languages and have arrows pointing to them
Tuesday Toolbox - Hula Hoop
The Tuesday Toolbox series will feature items I use to engage my audience. They may range from the obvious, good books and a shaky egg, to the awesome, bubble wrap and a hula hoop. Today’s to…
there are many different items on the floor in this circle, including toothbrushes and hair clips
Baby sensory hoop
the word hula hoop is surrounded by various items
Tuesday Toolbox - Hula Hoop
Tuesday Toolbox – Hula Hoop – Tales for the Tiny