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the words i speak kindly to myself are in black on a white background
100 Best Vision Board Affirmations 2024 (Free Printable)
a yellow background with words written on it
a painting with words written on it and a cat in the background
two cards with an image of a woman holding a seashell and the words i let go of all expectations
i am a capable person and i can handle anything that comes in my way quote
a red heart with the words i am grateful for my healthy body, i love life
Daily Affirmations by Louise Hay
a quote that reads i move from poverty thinking to prosperity thinking and my finance reflect this change
Louise Hay Affirmations - Money
a purple background with a yellow heart and the words, everything i need is already within me - louise hay
a blue heart with the words i am worth loving there is love all around me
Daily Affirmations & Positive Quotes from Louise Hay
a painting with the words ifor give my self and set myself free
a card with the words i let go of all fear and doubt and life becomes simple and easy for me