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two human hands holding an open brain model
Left Brain vs. Right Brain Dominance
left brain right brain
a painting of a woman in sailor's uniform writing on a notebook
Nurse. Everywoman's magazine. April 1955
the anatomy of the liver and its functions
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Do you know what your #pancreas does? Learn more in today's #infographic!
the front page of a book with an ornate border
Florence Nightingale Pledge, 1961 | Mount Saint Vincent University Library
a woman standing in front of a mirror wearing glasses and a dress with short sleeves
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USA Student Nurse, 1964. Love this pose - You can see her and the back of her cap and apron at the same time. It looks like she may have just received her Senior Student stripe, since new probationers getting their first cap, don't get one with a black stripe on it. New caps - in the US anyway - are almost exclusively plain white, unless pastel stripes are used to denote class level, but black only for Senior Students and/or Graduate Nurses, depending on the school.
an old black and white photo of a child in bed
Image of A nurse holding a lamp as she visits patients on
A nurse holding a lamp as she visits patients on a ward at Westminster Hospital, December 1940 (b/w photograph) - © Mirrorpix / Bridgeman Images
an old photo of two women dressed in nurses uniforms and holding hands behind their backs
Nurses’ Uniforms, Hats & Shoes, 1960
Nursing Friends: Remember these? Sears Fall/Winter 1960 catalog nurses' uniforms.
an old black and white photo of women carrying bags on their backs as they walk down a dirt road
The first contingent of U.S. Army nurses to be sent to an Allied advanced base in New Guinea carry their equipment as they march single file to their quarter on November 12, 1942. The first four in line from right are: Edith Whittaker, Pawtucket, Rhode Island,; Ruth Baucher, Wooster, O.; Helen Lawson, Athens, Tennessee,; and Juanita Hamilton, of Hendersonville, North Carolina, (AP Photo)
a red cross poster with a man on a horse and the words public health nurse
The Public Health Nurse
"The Public Health Nurse. She Answers Humanity's Call. Your Red Cross Membership makes her work possible." ~ WWI American Red Cross membership drive poster showing a public health nurse on horseback. Illustrated by Gordon Grant, ca. 1914.
an old black and white photo of women standing in front of baby cribs
65 Photos of Vintage Nurses—Nurses Through the Centuries - NurseBuff
Vintage nurses give jaundiced babies some sunshine treatment. –undated -- 65 Photos of Vintage Nurses—Nurses Through the Centuries #nursebuff #nurse #vintage
a china cabinet filled with lots of white plates and napkins on top of glass doors
Nursing Cap Collection - Museum of Nursing History
Nursing Cap case in the Atrium of LaSalle University
five women in white aprons are posing for a photo
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USA - RNs, 1966.
a woman standing in an empty room with a quote on the wall above her reading human beings know, that sickness, injury, and aging are invisible,
Joan Lynaugh
the rn logo is shown on a black background with white letters and a stethoscope
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