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an image of a painting of a farm in the country side with snow on the ground
Andrew Wyeth (1917 — 2009, USA) Miller hut. 1962 tempera on masonite panel. Philadelphia Museum of Art
a painting of a white house with a chimney and two chimneys on the roof, in front of a cloudy sky
Andrew Wyeth
Andrew Wyeth
a painting of some fruit on a window sill
"Frostbitten" (1962) By Andrew Wyeth, from Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, US (1917 - 2009) - watercolor on paper - Private Collection © Andrew Wyeth
an image of a human body being displayed in a glass case with blood on the floor
People - Photos
Body Worlds Exhibition To Open In Berlin
the night sky is filled with stars, clouds and bright lights as well as an image of a man standing on a ladder
#背景 星つかみ - mocha@新刊委託中のイラスト - pixiv
three butterflies sitting on top of each other
Jardine's Naturalist Library Butterflies 1837
Jardine's Naturalist Library Butterflies 1837
an old book cover with skeletons and skulls on it, surrounded by people in the background
Dances of Death by Hans Holbein
an illustration of blue flowers and green leaves with roots in the foreground, on a white background
Wall Art You'll Love in 2023 for Sale | Fine Art America
A violet in the youth of primy nature, Forward, not permanent, sweet, not lasting, The perfume and suppliance of a minute. Hamlet (1.3.9-12)
an old book with butterflies and plants on it's cover, in the center is a drawing of a caterpillar surrounded by leaves
‘Beschouwing der wonderen Gods’ (1762) by Jan Sepp
two boats in the water next to each other with buildings in the backgroud
Seacoast at Saint-Adresse, Sunset, 1864 - Claude Monet -
Claude Monet
a painting of blue irises in a field
Irises, 1889 - Vincent van Gogh -
Irises - Vincent van Gogh "In May 1889, after episodes of self-mutilation and hospitalization, Vincent van Gogh chose to enter an asylum in Saint-Rémy, France. There, in the last year before his death, he created almost 130 paintings. Within the first week, he began Irises, working from nature in the asylum's garden..." - The J. Paul Getty Museum
a painting of some houses and flowers in the grass
The Poppy Field - Willard Metcalf -
The Poppy Field - Willard Metcalf
a painting of white flowers in a green vase
A Vase of Roses, 1890 - Vincent van Gogh -
A Vase of Roses - Vincent van Gogh - Painted in May 1890 while in the Saint-Rémy Asylum - Current location: Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, USA ...............#GT
a woman in a red dress sitting at a piano playing the music on it's side
The Woman in Red - Giovanni Boldini -
The Woman in Red - Giovanni Boldini - beautiful!
an image of a painting that looks like it is in the middle of a field
The Green Wheatfield behind the Asylum, Vincent van Gogh