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an old building on the side of a cliff surrounded by trees and foliage with mountains in the background
Santuario Basilica Madonna della Corona, Ferrara di Monte Baldo
two gondolas are tied to the side of a canal
Jetsetter | Trip Ideas. Destinations. Food + Drink. Hotels. Style.
an old stone building sitting next to a body of water
boats in the water near buildings and a bridge
two gondolas with flowers on them are in the middle of a narrow canal
Best Of 2013 Photography Contest (21626), Pictures Page 1
two gondolas in the water next to buildings with flowers on them and people walking along
a man in a rowboat on a canal with buildings and a bridge behind him
an alley way with flowers growing on the balconies and wrought iron railings
an alleyway with potted plants and flowers on the windowsills in italy
Spello, Italy - Cozy & Comfy
an instagram page on the iphone shows a narrow alleyway with flowers and greenery
Bahram Khagani
an old wine barrel with flowers in front of a stone building stock photo, picture and royalty
Most Beautiful Streets of Italy - Blog
Most Beautiful Streets of Italy – BenvenutoLimos
an old cobblestone street with potted plants on either side
Most Beautiful Streets of Italy - Blog