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two young children standing next to each other
Sometimes silence speaks the loudest....
Sometimes silence speaks the loudest.... by sandra bianco on 500px
two children sitting by the water looking at something in the distance with their backs to each other
Cousins by Matt Goode / 500px
Too sweet!!
Sleeping together with my sister is something more than paradise Babe, Bebe, Baby Love, Cute Babies, Babies, Fotos, Photo
Sleeping together with my sister is something more than paradise
two hands holding each other in the air
26 Promises All Divorced Parents Should Make To Their Kids This New Year
"Because We Both Love You" -- New Year's Resolutions for Divorced Parents
a sculpture is in the grass near some water
Nikki Taylor Commissions gallery
I wonder if I could make something like this using cement and elbow length rubber gloves.
a wire sculpture of a hand holding flowers in it's palm, against a white wall
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Wire sculpture
a wooden block with a drawing of two hands holding each other
Emotion-Filled Steel Wire Sculptures by Gavin Worth
Hands Clasped | Gavin Worth ( Steel Wire Sculptures ) | #art
two pictures of the same man and woman, one is made out of wooden planks
Minimalist Metal Designs
I love the coolest things ever!! One Wire - Sculpture - Couple Love Artist: Gavin Worth
two frozen princess hugging each other in the snow
A Tale of Two Sisters • Anna Elsa Disney Frozen
a bronze statue of two people sitting on a bench with their arms around each other
Henry Moore : Family Group
a man laying on top of a brown couch next to a little boy with his eyes closed
a white sculpture with two hands on it's base and one hand raised up
Capture precious moments with Wrightson and Platt, the world's finest life-cast sculptors of babies' hands and feet. Siblings Cast in Glass Casting artists in London, Aspen, New York, Hong Kong and Dubai.
a statue of a woman holding a baby in it's lap with her hands
Latona (Roman Leto) y sus Niños, Apolo y Diana por Guillermo Henry Rinehart (1874) (Museo Metropolitano de Arte, Nueva York)
a statue of a child and an old woman touching their noses with one hand in front of the other
This sculpture was called the 'Child That Was Never Born'. Sharing for all the mothers who have lost a child to miscarriage to let you know our angels walk beside us every day, so beautiful xxx