Pavloova Obnoxii (Major or Minor)

Here is a little history around my pavlova love affair.
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a stove with a tray on top of it in front of a brick wall and floor
The Lost Pavloova Obnoxii
I made this Pavloova Obnoxii some time ago. it was for a family member. I couldn't be there. I baked and fussed and turned out a whole lot of elements. So.... weirdly - after pick up - I heard nothing more of it. I never saw an image. I never heard about it agian....... I wonder if it got left out in the rain.
a pile of cake sitting on top of a white counter next to a freezer
Four layers of pavloova obnoxii ready to travel.....
a cake sitting on top of a table covered in frosting and fruit toppings
Christmas 2010 in Taihape NZ I am layering the pavlova with cream, fresh fruit and white chocolate curls. There is a sigh from dear old mum. She ponders out loud 'Carla, I don’t know why your pavlovas have to be so obnoxious' I raised and eyebrow! (Actually I wish I could - I only seem able to frown and rise in unison) Grinning like the mischief I am I declared that all my pavlovas from now on will be referred to as Pavloova Obnoxii. Mum grunts.
a person holding a cake with two candles on it and flowers in front of them
Turning 40 needs pomp and ceremony. Pavloova Obnoxii Major..... nom nom nom
a large pile of food sitting on top of a table
Well, this pavlova survived travel and the cat jumping on it in the car! The green is coloured white chocolate curls. The whipped cream is folded with two fruit reductions. One of logan berries and a little bit of sugar, the other is feijoas reduced with Limonchello liquer. When some of the guests are circling the table with plate and spoon in hand it is time to cut the cake!
a strawberry shortcake with whipped cream and strawberries on the top is ready to be eaten
Pavloova Obnoxii (Major) Here is a Christmas celebration Pav' with a berry reduction highlighted with fresh berries and curls of white chocolate.
a cake with white frosting and colorful candies on it next to silverware
P Obnoxii (Minor) A fun celebratory Birthday cake!
a cake sitting on top of a wooden table next to flowers and reeds in a vase
Pavloova Obnoxii Elegant. Birthday celebration with blue berries and helebores.
a cake with blueberries on it sitting on a table next to other desserts
P Obnoxii Major for a birthday celebration. Carla Woollaston's home made pavlova.