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Nestled in the last pages of The Hedge Witch’s Herbal Grimoire is this very…

With a multitude of spring holidays nearly upon us I thought I would share a little secret. Nestled in the last pages of The Hedge Witch’s Herbal Grimoire is this very special drawing depicting the nine sacred woods of Beltaine (the modern equivalent.

A Day In The Life: How I Make A Living As An Herbalist. Curious about how herbalist make a living? Here's how I'm doing it!

Healing herbs or more commonly known as medicinal herbs are said to be effective when it comes to healing certain allergies as well as renewing and increasing vitality in the body. Medicinal herbs have been in use for centuries and are recognized as.

Drying herbs - and here's a suggestion about how to build your own drying racks

How to Make Herb Drying Racks. One of the main benefits of your own herb garden is access to fresh herbs, but during the winter most herbs are dormant. Drying herbs for use during colder months ensures you always have access to you.

For a cost-conscious 2,000-square-foot renovation located 30 minutes outside of Austin, Texas, architect Nick Deaver took a look around for inspiration. He spied galvanized metal cladding on the region’s sheds and co-opted the inexpensive, resilient material for his own design.

Corrugated metal is a repeat offender in many modern homes. Architects love it for its affordability, availability, and durability. - Diana Budds's Material Focus: Corrugated Metal design collection on Dwell.