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the stairs are made of wood and metal
La Résidence Massawippi de la designer Stéphanie Cardinal – Un exemple de construction verte
an open floor plan with wood floors and glass railings
Spectacular modern mountain home in Park City, Utah
This remarkable modern mountain home was designed by Upwall Design along with LMK Interior Design in The Colony at White Pine Canyon in Park City, Utah.
a dining room with a table and chairs next to a stair case on the wall
Lámparas #MIX. 5 COMBOS que iluminarán tus estancias
↠ #Lámparas MIX ↞ 5 COMBOS #deco que harán brillar a tus estancias #decoración #tips #interiorismo #decor #lamps #mixmatch
the stairs in this modern house are made of wood and steel, with metal handrails
Escalera madera + metal
there are many books on the shelves next to the stairs
Sencillamente ¡exquisito!
a living room filled with furniture and a spiral staircase
maxx mistry (maxxmistry) on Pinterest
Airy Stair. Smack in the middle of this apartment’s living and dining spaces sits the stairway (pictured above), an element that could easily have blocked the view to the expansive terrace. The material of choice: slices of old-growth black walnut from Oregon, their organic live edges intact to distract from the room’s rigid geometry. The answer to making the steps “a feature but not an obstacle,” & risers between the heavy treads and using 1/8-inch bronze cable instead of traditional balust...
an image of a living room with couches and chairs in it's center
This Ivy House
a living room filled with furniture next to a wooden stair case in front of a window
MyHouseIdea - Architecture, homes inspirations and more.
a living room with couches, tables and stairs leading to the second floor area
MyHouseIdea - Architecture, homes inspirations and more.
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there is a vase on the stairs in this house
Current Gittus House Weather
Gorgeous use of Spanish Encaustic Tiles with American Oak stair treads.
a living room filled with lots of furniture and wooden stairs leading up to the second floor
Hardwood Oak Stairs -
Staircase filled with rustic charm and exquisite woodwork
there is a book shelf under the stairs
Home Designing
an image of a living room with stairs on the wall and furniture in the foreground
Home Page – House and Leisure