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Tayla Capri Lilley

Tayla Capri Lilley
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* * HORSE HUMOR >* * Rather rare. At least, I haven't seen many. Creative.

My horse is an Appendix Cross so he has Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse in him. When I read this comic, I could relate so much😂 the Quarter Horse explains my horse in the winter perfectly😂😂😂

the "how-quickly-can-I-destroy-my-blanket game"

Ah yes, with winter comes the "how-quickly-can-I-destroy-my-blankets-and-make-mom-go-broke" game. Haha So true though!

Sounds about right hahaha... maybe it's because we pay to do a class instead of being paid to play...

Soccer player: No, I'm done! I can't play any longer. Rider: Honestly I'm fine. I've got another class in a minute.

Okay, I can't stop giggling. I just said something similar to this to someone who thought that just anyone, who's never ridden before, could come over and ride my horses. Ummm, no...it doesn't work like that!

For fast riders we have fast horses. For slow riders we have slow horses. For those who have never ridden we have horses that have never been ridden. A little ranch humor ;

My horse does this EVERY DAY!!! 'Oh no, look at that... CHAIR. It looks very suspicious.'

This is so true. I feel so relaxed.Wanna spook at the mailbox or the imaginary squirrel?Definitely the squirrel.It gets ´em everytime.

The difference between geldings and mares...The difference between Elmo and Magic lol!

The difference between geldings and mares. My horse Honey is a mare and she is really sweet!

My mom was told it was just a phase...3 generations of riders in the family and counting!

My family waiting for me to lose interest in horses. Sorry mom and dad. Y'all are waiting a long time.