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pink flowers are blooming in the middle of a garden with green grass and trees
Wholesale Tree Nursery in Alpine, AL | Hunter Trees
9' Crape Myrtle Tonto ... Love it!
a red tree in front of a brick wall
Feature Tree:Red Japanese Maple
Thinking ahead to next year
white dogwood flowers blooming in the spring
ornamental trees
Japanese Snowbell (Styrax japonicus): we just planted a 20 footer right beside our seating area...as well as being a gorgeous tree, it will give some much needed shade in the summer!
a tree with yellow leaves in front of a house
ornamental trees
Some think the Katsura tree smells like caramel or cotton candy when it loses it's leaves in the fall. Besides being wonderful to smell in the fall, the Katsura sports a lovely blend of orange, raspberry and apricot coloured leaves. In the spring Katsura has reddish-purple new growth, in summer it sports heart-shaped blue-green leaves and in winter the gray, slightly exfoliating bark lends interest.
the different types of trees and shrubs
Revit RPC Tree Guide from a Revit User
A visual guide to trees. Complement with Herman Hesse’s poetic meditation on trees.