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a man holding a sign that says hey you look awesome dickie
- wow the number of jaydick requests. Jay came...
the tweets on twitter are all different
The most ambitious crossover yet!
a drawing of two people standing next to each other
a drawing of a person standing next to a child with words written on the back
"dick grayson"-Nevolition
bruce can he keep him
two cartoon characters one is holding the other
wally's dick and dick's butt
wally's dick and dick's butt
two people sitting at a table with a laptop in front of them, one person has a batman t - shirt on
Harper's Art: Photo
Harper's Art
The Bat Clan
grumpybets: “bat boys too good for you ”
Dick Grayson art | Tumblr
Dick Grayson art | Tumblr
an image of the text on top of a page with pictures and captions in it
an article about battam and other things in the text below it, including instructions for how to use battam
1/2 Someone PLEASE draw this.
some people are wearing shirts that say'world's okayest robinn '
Ghostiest Art, Not Ghostie's Tart
holy ghosts, batman!